Breast Enlargement Oil

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Breast Enlargement Oil

Breast Enlargement Oil No Side Effect Butt Enhancer Cream Big Bust Powerful Breast Enlargement Massage Oil Big Breasts Products

Essential oil to use

1Early pregnancy, within a few months, the child is best to avoid the use of essential oils to massage or bath.

2Sensitive skin or constitution, a sensitive test before use, please.
3, in addition to a small portion of the essential oils, such as lavender, tea, etc. can be directly applied to the skin, most of the other essential oils for the body skin, must be diluted or mixed with base oil to use, unless there are other special recommendations.
4Use, skin of citrus essential oils (such as bergamot, lemon etc.) within four hours after the sun do not.
5, essential oils can not replace the drug. Therefore, after the use of such symptoms did not improve, please be sure to see a doctor for medical treatment, must not be used for the use of essential oils and to give up the original drug has been in use.
6, with high and low blood pressure, epilepsy, nerves and kidney disease patients in dirty please be careful to use. You’d better consult aromatherapist before use.
7According to the recommended amount of use, the use of excess will lead to the opposite effect, and even cause excessive burden on the body.
8, please avoid children touch directly, in order to avoid misuse and dangerous.
9Avoid using plastic containers, easy to dissolve or paint the surface, when the dilution of essential oils to use glass, stainless steel or ceramic.
10, the essential oil is best not to be taken orally, unless it is indicated by an aromatic therapist or physician.
Want to remind that again
The same kind of essential oil is best not to use every day, a number of different essential oils to use alternately, the best two weeks for a second

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Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm
Item Type

Essential Oil

Model Number

Breast Enlargement Oil

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Essential Oil Type

Compound Essential Oil



item name

Breast Enlargement Oil


Big Breasts Products

Art.No.(article number)

Breast Essential Oil

Extraction method

Water / steam distillation


massage, moisturizing, promoting metabolism, plastic chest fullness

Nursing site



Massage, plastic chest



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effect 1

Big Bust Powerful Breast Enlargement Massage Oil


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