Natural Enzyme Crystal Skin Whitening Soap

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White crystal natural active enzymes Profile

White crystal natural active enzymes [1], the English name ENZYME, also known as integrated plant enzyme activity.It is the “enzyme” known; in Europe called enzymes, the enzyme called in China (English ENZYME).White crystal natural active enzymes began in the early twentieth century, so far, over 80 years of history, popular in Europe and has been sought after high nobility.

Human activity has been found in natural crystals more than 1,500 kinds of whitening enzyme, named more than 700 kinds.People with enzyme-related illness and death are natural active enzyme crystals whitening determine our health.It’s safe to say that there are no natural active enzyme crystals, there is no life.

From European royal whitening recipe, and finally spread to Europe folk, it has been nearly a century.After the famous French biologist, combined with modern technology to build a new, this has been the magic ingredient “enzyme crystal!”By collecting wild fruits native equatorial plus seasonal fruits, using high-tech storage technologies actuarial twice after 180 days of fermentation to mature.Abundant natural enzyme-rich oxygen-rich; surfactant is an amino acid, given to the private security of the most considerate care.

Crystal natural active enzymes private parts white crystal soap making process
The first round 90 days Archive: Enzyme crystals, using the equatorial island of wild fruits, after the first round of the 90-day storage, actuarial grown by the original ecological barrel combined with modern bio-fermentation technology.

If the enzyme substance in the second round to get rid of allergens: actuarial grow after removal of wild fruit enzyme substance allergens, then add seasonal fruits and amino acid composition.
The third round again 90 days actuarial, sealed: once again experienced 90 days of actuarial and sealed fermentation.

Oxygen-rich natural active enzyme crystal molecules and ozone molecules.Even the best currently on the market do not have the raw materials or elements oxygen capacity, cannot make cell activation, it is impossible to make the injured and aging skin to restore elasticity, while Di Yun DIYUN natural active enzyme crystals actuarial twice after 180 days fermentation to aging.Rich fruit natural enzymes sufficient oxygen-rich parts, combined with the amino acid as a surfactant, to secure the privacy of the most considerate care.

Private part white crystal soaps principle
Natural active enzyme Crystal Beauty Principle
From European royal whitening recipe, France Biotech, much to the equator line islands picking wild organic fruit ripening strains of enzymes primary injection optimum active elements, participate grown into a sparkling crystal, texture gentle, ancient artificial legal meticulous archive and modernization process (which effectively sealed enzyme activity), can be distributed using the natural fruit aroma, with a deep clean the skin, remove acne, aging skin break down, decompose melanin spots, maintain normal skin ph value and other effects;It can promote skin more rapidly absorbed in the crystal vitamin C, minerals, protein, etc., to achieve the purpose of moistening; better to avoid facial skin soap base damage suffered petrochemical leaving facial skin produce micro fibrosis phenomenon, natural active whiteningCrystals can effectively enhance the skin cells active, promoting water storage capacity of the facial skin, normal metabolism and delay skin aging.

Select difference

The difference between natural active enzyme crystals and shower gel soap
1. The degree of saponification serious soap molecules is relatively large, to about 40 seconds before dissolving, and there is a strong odor of chemical fragrance, serious injury, PH value of women’s private parts. Long-term use can lead to decreased immunity, destruction of private parts sensitivity, shape, and color.
2. Enzyme crystal burning just 4 seconds to melt, the faint smell of fruit entrained oxygen. Enzyme-rich enzyme molecules break down quickly and effectively aging skin. Especially for the crotch, buttocks bold and dull nipple and areola color outside * good improvement. Recovery girl pink feeling. While the rehabilitation and upgrading of private parts and areola nipple sensitivity.
3. No enzyme crystal saponification process, the surfactant is an amino acid. General cleaning materials, because of saponification, it is easy to make the skin especially the delicate private parts, loss of elasticity and activity, premature aging.

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Venom enzyme crystal soap

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