Hip lift up massage cream by Aichun is a specially formulated and natural cream which gives a satisfying result. It is an effective gel made of natural herbal extract used to make the buttocks regain there natural bounce and elasticity. The product has two varieties: butt enhancer and enlargement cream 200g and the body shaper massage cream 200g. This massage gel puts an end to buttocks that has lost there vitality and flexibility. It also clears black and discolored areas of the buttocks and surrounding areas.

What Hip lift up massage cream by Aichun does

1. There is visible butt enlargement at the end of the course
2. Extra lift to the butt
3. Buttocks are made firm
4. Sagging buttocks are rejuvenated and tightened
5. Eradication of unwanted black lines while
6. Smoothening chicken skin and
7. Keeping the natural balance of the skin at optimum levels.

Directions for usage of Hip lift up massage cream by Aichun

Apply twice daily, preferably morning and night. Take the desired amount onto your palms, apply on the buttocks, and massage upwards from the underside to the upper region into the skin using firm strokes until all the gel is absorbed and becomes invisible to the eye.
Important notice: Hip lift up massage cream by Aichun should not be used during pregnancy, lactation and menstruation because it is absorbed into the body.

How does it work?

This product when used correctly is absorbed by the skin cells to improve skin metabolism because of the presence of minerals and trace elements. It makes the buttocks fuller and also activates dormant cells in the other parts of the body thereby restoring vitality to them. Aichun beauty hip up massage gel accelerate fat burning, exfoliates and acts as a whitening moisturiser.
It clears and brightens dark, rough, lacklustre and aged skin. Melanin pigmentation which is caused by long-term sitting is also removed leaving the area silky and stretchy. Non-elastic and saggy hips regain their earlier bounce and flexibility.
Aichun beauty hip up massage gel is formulated for people with hip dysplasia, inherently wide and flat hips, hip muscle flaccidity, pendulous hips and lastly, for people who desire a perfect physique
The massage gel gives back to the woman, the confidence and allure of a firm backside, a beautifully rounded hip and restores her feminine glory.
Be a woman of grace from all angles
A course of 3 bottles will be needed for a long-lasting effect.

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