Qyanf six peptides original liquid is  made from precious and priceless rare ingredients, making every drop; precious. It  is absolutely safe for human use  and penetrates the skin pores to repair the damaged or dead cells within. It has no allergens thereby making it safe for all skin types

This skin product is easily absorbable and its anti aging factor is amazing as it firms the skin and solves the root cause of wrinkles, causing them to fade and disappear. Qyanf six peptides original liquid locks in the moisture on your skin, making you feel hydrated and fresher, for longer.

 performance of Qyanf six peptides original liquid

The optimum skin PH is maintained and optimized as there is a perfect ratio of the skins oil to moisture. There is also the use of snail serum in the production of this unique product, which helps in making the skin as supple as that of a newborn.

Automatically locks in the skin moisture and penetrates deep inside to repair damaged cells.

Qyanf six peptides original liquid anti inflammatory quality helps in the effective healing of wounds, and stimulates the regeneration of dead skin cells.

Gets rid of old skin, hasten growth of new cells and reduces scars and wrinkles on the skin

How to use Qyanf six peptides original liquid

This product comes with complete packaging, well sealed to avoid contact with air and prvent oxidation.

  1. Tear open the plastic cover.
  2. Remove the aluminum foil used to cover the cover.
  3. Unscrew the cover
  4. Insert the dropper
  5. Use 2 drops of pure liquid nourishment and gently cleanse the skin
  6. Pat the skin gently until liquid is completely absorbed
  7. Use around the eyes to eliminate dark circles

What skin type can use Qyanf six peptides original liquid

  1. It is suitable for dry skin as it works as a rehydrate and has a liquid lock in system which aids in supple and shiny skin.
  2. Also suitable for damaged and aging skin, smoothening them into fine lines.
  3. Skin that is prone to acne or scarred skin will also benefit from this product as it enhances its elasticity

How to store Qyanf six peptides original liquid

The shelf life of this product is 6 month immediately it is opened and 3 years if left unopened.

The product is in pure liquid form and must be stored carefully, out of the sun and in less than 20 degrees temperature. Optimum storage place is the fridge. The product loses effectiveness if left opened.


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