Skin moisturizer that is the best is quite hard to find. There are different types of skin; the oily, dry and a combination of both. Some skin types are prone to flaking and some to breakouts. Likewise a myriad of body creams.  skin treatments and cleansers that are the wrong type can send your skin haywire and may have serious adverse effects. The dry skin type needs a moisturizer that will add moisture to it and stop the flaking. The person prone to the greasy skin will need one that won’t block the pores and aggravate the skin causing it to break out. The skin type that is a combination of both also requires cream well formulated and suited to its unique form of skin. Sensitive skin also needs cream formulated explicitly for it. The easiest way to find out your skin type is by visiting a dermatologist who can identify and tell you your skin type. If your access to that specialist is limited, you can determine for yourself with this simple methods: 1. Using a gentle cleanser, cleanse the face and pat dry. Check after an hour and decide whether your skin feels tight for a dry skin type, a visible shine on the nose and forehead for a combination type of skin plus a noticeable sheen on the cheeks for oily skin. 2. Gently pat different parts of your face with a blotting paper and hold up the sheet to the light. If there little or no oil on the sheet, it’s likely dry skin. Visible oil got from the forehead and nose area means a normal/combination skin while a very oily paper shows the person has oily skin.      

Try out our range of skin moisturizer for different body parts like the:


BIOAQUA FOOT CARE: This foot moisturizer leaves you feeling gentle, clean and tender as it massages, scrubs and exfoliates your foot.

  skin moisturizer   LAIKOU DAY AND NIGHT PROFESSIONAL FORMULA which was designed as an anti puffy, anti-wrinkle and firming moisturizer for the eyes and works by activating and tightening the area surrounding the eyes while smoothening fine lines and crow feet, leaving you with an elastic finish.   skin moisturizer  FAST TAN SELF TANNING LOTION is another product to watch out for. The easy to use, sunscreen bronzer fulfills its promise, doesn’t leave ugly patches and lasts for up to one week. The COLLAGEN MASSAGE CREAM is another product which does a beautiful job of firming up the skin while infusing it with the needed oils and vitamins thereby leaving the skin with a noticeable fuller and glowing surface.   skin moisturizer    BINGJU LAZY PIG when looking for a whitening product. It brightens, and balances all skin types while rejuvenating and supplementing the required moisture which the skin needs, leaving it aqua fresh, brightened and glowing.   skin moisturizer    

BIOAQUA WATER GELis a skin moisturizer that Softens, nourishes and makes the skin smooth and silky. The cream contains hyaluronic acid and a moisturizing complex of plant ingredients that nourish and moisturize the skin. It is a good anti aging cream good for the fae and every day use

skin moisturizer There are so many skin moisturizer on our site with each boasting of a unique quality such as; anti-aging, quick absorbency, patchy skin eliminator, all naturale non-greasy, etc. Do not be misled by glib advertising or fooled by the fantastic packaging; choose the cream that is perfectly suitable for you based on your skin type. Read labels and packaging always to know what you are buying and always try to go for the one with natural ingredients and extracts. When you find that perfect skin moisturizer or one as near that, stick to it.
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